Taking into account the individual needs of the client, we provide complex project preparation and management services:

Preparation of project applications:

  • Analysis of the client’s situation
  • Evaluation of support opportunities
  • Problem identification and project idea formation
  • Gathering the necessary information
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation for a specific measure
  • Coordination of intermediate and final results with the client
  • Ensuring timely submission of prepared documentation under a specific measure.
  • Ongoing communication with the Agency during the evaluation of the application
  • Adjustment of the prepared documentation after evaluation.

Project management

Project management is one of the most important and unavoidable stages of project implementation. Together with the client, managing the project, we take responsibility for effective and high-quality control of the entire project from start to finish. To make the project run smoothly, we offer following project administration services:

  • organization of public procurement
  • preparation of payment requests
  • communication with the Implementing Agency
  • ensuring publicity of the project;
  • preparation of the final report

Conducting research

Depending on your needs, we offer quantitative (accurate, calculative and reliable), qualitative (creative, interpretive) or mixed research to answer the questions: What? Why? and how?

Taking into account the specifics of the researched phenomenon, we apply the most appropriate research methods in each case. If necessary, research method combinations are provided for comprehensive evaluation of the study and to obtain resourceful information.


In research, one of the first steps that needs to be taken is data collection. The results of the data collection process depend on several factors: accurately and correctly prepared questions, correctly selected respondents. Interviewers also have an important role to play, and their work largely determines the quality of the study.

Data collection methods

Depending on the issues raised and the targeted groups of people whose opinions are sought, we offer customers the following data collection methods:

  • Paper and pencil interview (PAPI). This method replicates the interview process where the interviewer has a printed questionnaire, interviews the respondent, and completes the questionnaire by writing down the respondent’s answers to the questions.
  • The survey is conducted in direct face-to-face communication with the respondent, recording the data on a tablet computer.
  • CAWI – online survey. Links to electronic questionnaires are sent to potential study participants.
  • CATI – telephone survey. A reliable and fast way to conduct a large-scale survey.

Preparation of strategies, studies