• to provide accurate and comprehensible information on issues relevant to the young person;
    • to teach young people about different sources of information and how to navigate them on their own;
    • to prepare informative methodological publications and other material relevant to young people, on topics of concern to young people, which would summarize the main information relevant to young people on a certain topic, in a format accessible to young people;
    • to inform the young person about his or her rights and obligations, the services available to him or her, and to help him or her understand how the young person can exercise them;
    • to develop young people’s media and computer literacy skills, to promote young people’s information literacy;
    • to encourage young people’s critical thinking, to make independent decisions, to help them discover the most suitable solutions to issues of interest to them;
    • refer young person to organizations and institutions where specialized youth information and counseling services can be provided.
    • Youth information and counseling is carried out in accordance with: