About us

Public enterprise „Social initiative“ was created as an enterprise based on social business model . Our objective- positive impact for local communities, youth and other social groups.

Unlike regular businesses, we are non-profit organization which aims for positive social changes in society.  Financially balanced business model allows us to maintain autonomy, be self-sufficient and provide quality services. Company’s profits are used to solve social problems and reinvested into business development.

Not coincidentally, the main element of Lithuanian straw garden was chosen as our symbol.  Traditional Lithuanian straw garden blesses important life events and represents community. Just as a collection of connected straws makes a beautiful and harmonious composition, so community is made out of people who are working for the same cause.

Our goals:

  • Encourage and support local communities and youth’s business, environmental, education, cultural initiatives.
  • Find innovative ways to propel motivation and integration of young people and other communities.
  • Organize education and training for young people, youth work organizations, the local community;
  • Organize and provide support for young people, youth organizations and local communities to implement various projects or initiatives;
  • Carry out counseling for young people on various issues relevant to young people;
  • Promote local and international volunteering;
  • Carry out open mobile work with young people, etc.